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Abakan celebrates the opening of new JCC
July 30, 2015

The Jewish community of Abakan, Russia - celebrates the opening of their first JCC and Synagogue. The inauguration ceremony was held earlier this month and was attended by Chief Rabbi Lazar, the local Governor and hundreds of community members.

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Five ‘Mobile Synagogues’ aim to cross Russia
July 30, 2015

This summer expedition has already become a tradition. A group of 15 young and ambitious rabbis assembles for a 3-week journey - in mobile synagogues - across the vast lands of Russia, aiming to reach out to every small and even the most remote Jewish community.

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nl-bar1 Moscow Bar Mitzvah Project Reaches 50 Pupils
July 28, 2015

With the aim of reconnecting teenage boys with the Jewish education of their youth, Moscow’s  Bar Mitzvah project has already prepared 50 young men for their Bar Mitzvah over the past two years.

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