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The Grand Synagogue of Kaluga opens after a break of 90 years
October 13, 2015

The historical building of the Grand synagogue in Kaluga was opened after renovations on Tuesday, October 8th. The opening marks almost 90 years since the last time the synagogue welcomed Jewish worshippers at its doors.

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Petersburg’s oldest historic synagogue reopens
October 13, 2015

The oldest prayer hall of Petersburg, Russia, the 'Small Synagogue,' opened its doors to the public after four years of renovations in the days following Rosh Hashanah. The synagogue is a beloved city landmark that has been the hub of Jewish life even under the most grueling conditions in the past century.

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FJC President’s delegation visits Eastern Russia
September 17, 2015

“He changed my life. A few days have gone by since Shabbat, but I’m still here sitting around the table with him. He showed us what is the truth, what are the real priorities in life, the real meaning of money and what it is intended for". 

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